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DHS Lawyers Portland, Oregon

To Do When DHS Calls Or Visits

We do not represent individuals in all DHS matters, however, our Portland DHS attorney are happy to speak with you or refer you to another Portland domestic violence attorney, depending on your needs and our expertise.

DHS matters we do handle include:

  • Criminal cases with a pending DHS investigation
  • DHS investigation where parental rights are not at issue but DHS is seeking to engage the family in services
  • DHS investigation, which could lead to criminal charges

DHS matters we do not handle include cases where individuals are:

  • Seeking to sue DHS or foster care provider
  • Seeking to appeal a DHS founded disposition
  • Seeking to challenge foster care provider requirements
  • Involved in a custody dispute
  • Facing termination of parental rights

There can be nothing more frightening than being accused of child abuse or neglect by a child protective services caseworker from the Department of Human Services. An accusation made against you or your spouse can leave you worrying about:

  • Losing custody of your children
  • Being excluded from your home
  • Facing jail time
  • The emotional and mental consequences for your family
  • The potential damage to your community or professional reputation

Don’t Be Fooled By A Friendly Caseworker

If a caseworker visits your home or calls you on the phone, it is possible that you or your spouse has been suspected or directly accused of harming your child. No matter how friendly a caseworker may seem, he or she is not your friend.

The DHS will go to great lengths to investigate allegations, whether they were made anonymously or under the strict mandatory reporting laws in Oregon. Tactics include:

  • Questioning your children at school without your knowledge or consent
  • Baiting you through conversations that seem harmless
  • Making you believe that a visit is only routine
  • Threatening to put your children in foster care
  • Attempting to turn one spouse against the other

Contact Our Portland, Oregon DHS Attorneys Now

If you or a spouse has been contacted by DHS, do not wait to seek help of Portland DHS lawyer. Even if no official accusations have been made, we can help make sure that a caseworker does not violate your rights during an investigation. Should the need arise, we will vigorously defend you against any formal charges.

It only takes a few moments to fill out our online form or call our local number at (503) 549-1077. Those few moments could have a significant impact on the outcome of your Portland DHS case.

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