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Client Testimonials

I Was Spared The Worst, Thank You

To Mark, Jean and Associates: It is with my utmost appreciation that I would like to thank all of you for your hard work and dedication in dealing with my cases. I cannot express to you in words how satisfied I am with the outcome of this dreadful ordeal. As you know the one charge we were all concerned about, especially myself, was dismissed due to the evidence provided to the District Attorney which was made available through the professionalism and hard-work of Jean and Mark together.

These past few months have been exasperating for my family and I and for all us. It has been a very financially demanding while for my father and I am extremely glad to see that his finances were truly applied in our best interests. As for myself this has been a most unfortunate series of events that has been beneficially life altering. Not only has it made me realize the importance and adoration of freedom itself, but it has given me a true motivation and guide towards who I really want to become and what I really want to do with my life, short term and long term. And I can assure you that none of it involves police, probation, jail or any of the other horrible things that come with crossing blades with the law, so to speak. So with that said, I hope you don’t take offense when I say I truly hope I would not require your services again, but God forbid I did, you would all undoubtedly be my first choice for defense. My deepest regards and best wishes to all of you.

OA Portland, OR
You Kept Me Out Of Court

Mark, Thank you for your letter and the report I appreciate everything that you, Janique, Jean and Jon have done on my behalf. You have delivered on every promise and spared me numerous pointless appointments in the halls of the courthouse. Once again, Thank you.

KS Portland, OR
Thank You

Dear Mr. Cogan, I want to thank you and your lovely daughter for all you have done for me. I appreciate it very much and you did a great deed.

M. Teiblum Portland, OR
Moving On With My Life

Dear Mark & Janique: I want to thank you again for all your help in giving me the opportunity to realize dreams I have held all my adult life without your invaluable assistance it would not be possible. I am grateful to you both. God bless you always!

H.E. Portland, OR
A Clean Slate For Our Son

Good morning Mark and Janique: I just wanted to let you know that we received the expungement papers for [our son] yesterday I can’t tell you how grateful [my wife] and I are for all your help. And Janique, a special thanks to you for your tireless efforts in dealing with the government bureaucracy surrounding this process – your tenacity is incredible.

T.S. Mercer Island, WA
My Felony Criminal Record Reduced To Misdemeanor

I want you to know that I have nothing but the utmost respect for you and Janique and I truly appreciate everything the both of you did for me I know that you will probably say, that it’s your job as an Attorney to make sure that your client is satisfied, well the both of you did an excellent job satisfying this client.You treated me not as a client but as a friend, that really meant a lot to me. You always kept me informed of the progress and you displayed your dissatisfaction on the way my motion was being handled by the court. I feel you went the extra mile to ensure that my motion was expedited. Thank you sir for taking my case and for doing me a great service.

D.V. Salem, OR
Clean Record

Dear Mark and Janique: Your efforts on my behalf are highly appreciated the burden has been removed, which gives me such a sense of relief and confidence in my standing with the community. Thank you for processing my request and for frequently updating me on its status. I will gladly recommend your services to those in need.

K.O. Monmouth, OR
My Daughter Has A Clean Slate

Dear Mr. Cogan, I wanted to personally thank you for your time spent with me and my daughter your kindness displayed in processing the information concerning her criminal record expungement was much appreciated. We both have been working extremely hard to fix the errors of the past so that she might be able to look forward to a clean slate for her future. Always appreciating you!

Complex Record Clearance Granted

Mark & Janique, You were very honest and prompt in getting the paperwork started for my Expungement. I was arrested years ago and have worked very hard since those years in getting myself healed and improving my life. Those convictions were an extremely dark & black cloud over my life, even though they were just misdemeanors.The Lautenberg Act was greatly affecting my military career. Janique went out of her way to keep me informed of the progress, and to answer every question I had about my case. Once I received the orders granting my expungements, I could literally feel that darkness & weight go away. I feel like a new man, I can now freely mark NO, “I have never been arrested or convicted of any crime.” I no longer carry the shame of being arrested!

S. Huckins Clackamas, OR
Relief From My Past Criminal Conviction

I received the paperwork granting the expungement today thank you so much for making this happen. It gives me great peace of mind to have this taken care of. I should have done it years ago! I am pleased that the process went exactly as you described, cost exactly the figure quoted, and most importantly, achieved a positive outcome.I began this process due to a recent career change and facing the typical background questions on employment questionnaires. This matter from the past has always bothered me, but addressing it in writing brought it back to the present. Now I can answer these questions with a clear conscience and no concern for how a background check will be interpreted. Thanks again for time and effort.

SG Northern California
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