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Representation of Licensed Professionals

We have successfully represented licensed professionals in a variety of disciplines. These include medical doctors, dentists and nurses.


PD came to our office soon after cocaine was found in his luggage at the Portland airport. PD, a dentist from out of state, was in Oregon for a professional conference. We were able to work out a deal in which the charges were dismissed in exchange for PD completing drug treatment. Not only did we get the charges dismissed, but we got DP permission to go back to his home state to complete treatment, without ever having to come back to Oregon. As a result, PD is able to keep his professional license, remain conviction free, and have all records of this incident sealed.


J.L. Portland, Oregon

I met Mark Cogan 3 days after I was arrested for possession of a controlled substance – MDMA. This was my first experience with the criminal justice system and I was completely terrified about the potential consequences of a felony conviction on my record. Mark’s credentials are truly impressive.He has 40 years experience in criminal defense law and has argued cases before the supreme court. He has the distinction of being in the top 2% of lawyers in the country ranked by his peers (Super Lawyer). Read More

His understanding of the law is masterful and he has a calm and confident demeanor that was equally as impressive. A conviction of a felony had the potential of destroying a career that took a lifetime to develop. Mark approached the problem with such skill and his attention to detail was truly remarkable. He reviewed the discovery looking for every detail to try to suppress the evidence. The circumstances involved in my case were unfortunate and there was no way possible to suppress the evidence from the state. Mark was able to develop a plan for persuading the court to reduce the charge to a misdemeanor conviction which resulted in the best outcome possible. In court, Mark was nothing short of masterful. He was able to argue and masterfully negotiate the legal maze procedurally in a very difficult case. The county where the crime occurred is particularly unfavorable for drug possession charges and Mark was able to make a series of arguments which were successful in persuading the court to reduce the charges to a misdemeanor conviction. There was no better outcome possible and Mark’s skills in the courtroom were clearly in a different league than his colleagues. Mark is also an empathetic human being who truly cares about his clients. He pays every attention to detail and truly earns the title of super lawyer in every way. Mark – Thanks again. You saved my life and career! Read Less

People of all walks of life sometimes find themselves in trouble with the law.

Unfortunately, when a licensed professional, such as a medical doctor, or a dentist, or an attorney, finds himself in legal difficulties, the consequences can be extremely harsh.

In addition to the normal penalties that any person faces as a result of a criminal charge, including possible jail or prison, a licensed professional faces the loss of his or her livelihood. Doctors and lawyers, and other professionals, have invested tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars into their careers, as well as many years of advanced education and practice. For our law office, it would be a grotesque travesty and injustice for such an individual to forfeit all that he or she has earned as a result of a moment of poor judgment or bad luck.

Our office represents licensed professionals with a dedication to protect the client in every respect. Not only do we explore every possible avenue of accomplishing a successful outcome to the client’s criminal charge, but we also are mindful of the necessity to preserve the client’s career. Where necessary and appropriate, we consult with outside professionals, including attorneys who focus on employment and representation of the client before professional licensing boards.

As a result of our collaborative efforts, we have accomplished excellent results for our clients. We invite you to refer to the “client testimonials” and “success stories” that are posted on our website for further information about how we have intervened toward the benefit of our clients.

If you are a licensed professional who is facing a criminal charge or potential criminal charge, please contact our office immediately. There is much we can do to preserve your career and your freedom.

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