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Extradition Lawyer in Portland Serving Throughout Oregon

What Is Extradition?

A person who is facing a serious criminal charge in one State and is found in a different State is frequently the subject of an Extradition proceeding. An Extradition proceeding typically results in the person being sought to be incarcerated in the State where the person is found. The person is given the choice between waiving Extradition, or contesting Extradition. If the person waives Extradition, the person will frequently be held in custody until the demanding State sends law enforcement to bring the person to the demanding State to face criminal charges. If the person contests Extradition, the person will have to wait until a Governor’s Warrant is issued in both States, mandating that the Extradition be carried out. Extradition is generally applicable to serious crimes where the person faces many years of imprisonment. The only legal ground for a person to contest Extradition is when the person contests whether the person is actually the one being sought by the demanding State. The legal vehicle for a person to challenge Extradition is by seeking a Writ of Habeas Corpus. Ideally, it is advantageous for the person facing Extradition to engage the services of legal counsel and post bond, allowing the person to be released from custody and travel voluntarily to the demanding State to face charges.

Our Law Firm Is Increasingly Seeing An Increase Of Extradition Matters

We have had a number of clients who have been apprehended in other States who are facing charges in Oregon, and have therefore been the subject of Extradition proceedings. These clients have been charged with major felonies subjecting them to many years of incarceration, in some cases more than a decade in prison. Our clients have been extradited to Oregon from many parts of the United States, including the States of Washington, Texas, Illinois, Massachusetts and New Jersey. Once the client arrives in Oregon, there is much we can do to help the client, but there are also many things we can do for the client before the client even arrives in Oregon.

What We Can Do On Behalf Of A Person Facing Extradition To Oregon

Anyone who learns that they are facing a potential charge in Oregon should contact Oregon defense counsel immediately. There are many things we can do to assist a person facing criminal charges in Oregon, even if formal Extradition proceedings have been initiated. These things include advising the client not to speak about the client’s legal matter with anyone other than legal counsel. We have prepared a KNOW YOUR RIGHTS letter we give to all persons facing prosecution in Oregon, and we advise the client’s family members what they can do to assist the client in not making a bad situation even worse. Our criminal defense attorneys can communicate with local counsel who is working on the client’s behalf, and coordinate our activities to seek ways and means to get the client released on bond, so the client can return to Oregon voluntarily. We can use tactics and strategy to plant the seeds that will give the client the best opportunity to get released from custody once the client arrives in Oregon, and to be granted permission to return home while the client’s matter is pending for trial.

The Importance Of Having Legal Counsel In Both The Jurisdiction Where The Person Is Being Held And The Place Where The Person Will Have To Answer To Criminal Charges

Our experience in representing clients facing Extradition to Oregon has taught us many things that we can leverage on behalf of our clients who are facing charges in Oregon. In many cases, we have worked with local counsel to assist the client in getting released from custody, and be allowed to return to Oregon voluntarily. Most recently, one such client was allowed to return to Oregon on his own, and when we appeared in court with the client, our client was released without even having to post bail in Oregon, and was immediately given permission to return to his home while awaiting trial. Of course, it is not a good thing to be facing a criminal charge anywhere. But we have been able to materially assist our clients to make the Extradition process far less painful than it might be otherwise.

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