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Portland Prescription Fraud Attorney

Many criminal cases related to prescription medication involve ordinary people who have made a serious mistake. A friend may have suffered an injury while at your house, and you might have shared a couple of old oxycodone pills to help ease that friend’s pain. You may have survived a serious car accident only to become addicted to powerful painkillers that were initially prescribed by a doctor.

Mark C. Cogan has more than 40 years of criminal law experience and the unwavering resolve to provide his clients with the best defense possible. It is a powerful combination that you can take advantage of by simply contacting our law firm at (503) 549-1077.

Regardless of the circumstances, law enforcement and prosecutors take situations involving false prescriptions or illegal prescription use very seriously in Oregon. If you have been arrested for a fake prescription, contacting an experienced Portland drug crimes lawyer is your best defense against conviction and severe penalties.

What Could Be Considered A Prescription Crime In Oregon?

Many different circumstances and situations involving prescription medication could become the basis of a criminal offense, including:

  • Purchasing prescription pills illegally in person or online
  • Forging or falsifying a prescription
  • Theft of a prescription medication
  • Sharing your valid prescription medication with another individual
  • Using a valid medical license to prescribe medication to yourself or a nonpatient

Call Today. We’ll Start Working On Your Defense Strategy.

We promise to do everything in our power, under the law, to defend your rights and your freedom. Our Portland criminal law lawyer will work to develop a strategy that will help maximize your chance of having charges reduced or dismissed entirely or negotiate a plea agreement that is in your best interest.

Schedule a meeting with us immediately if you have been arrested for a prescription medication crime. Call our office at (503) 549-1077. You can also conveniently submit your information online.

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