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College Student false accusations

My teenage college age son was falsely accused of a sex crime while away to college. Mark Cogans’ firm had a 20 year sentence dismissed and in place of that my son faced two expungable misdemeanors.
Our families worst nightmare happened when we were confronted with a DA with in my view, acting on political gain unwilling to even hear my sons side before taking it to the Grand Jury, then became intent , on sending our son to prison for 20years. All hope seemed lost, these were very dark days for our family. Then we walked into Mark Cogans office and the situation changed. Finally our son was heard. Mark then brought his team of lawyers and top notch private investigator “Randy” to gather the evidence of what really happened.
His firm presented the findings to the justice system and firmly engaged the DA in conversations and legal motions with the judge, with a brilliant presentation of the truth. Mark and his team made it so glaringly apparent of the injustice being served by this DAs office that all felony charges were dropped to two expungable misdemeanors. During this ordeal our family quickly recognized how determined and focused Marks’ entire team, (Jeff, Randy, Zack, David) team of legal professionals were for our son and bringing the falsehood of the accusers accusations to light. Jeff as an attorney and very skilled legal orator in presenting legal argument, Randy the investigator (retired detective) and his tenacity for digging out truthful, factual, evidence. Zack for his determination and ease of communication with others. David as a staff member, and recognizing the hell our family faced gave great comfort in inflecting empathy through conversation. Last you will find that the leader Mark Cogan is humble man. Yet his brilliance in developing legal strategy and presenting legal tenacious argument is a tribute to his profession . Further our family got to know him. We appreciated his candor, his wisdom and honesty. With Candor he told us the hard facts that our family faced. His wisdom prevailed over a DA who is in my view a zealot for persecution and blind to the truth.
Honesty ? True to his overall character he sent us funds back we did not expect, that were not used because he is honest and a man I will forever trust. Our family holds these traits in high regard and our recognition speaks to something beyond the entire legal system, but rather to the very core of the man Mark C Cogan. Words alone are not enough to express our appreciation for him and his entire firm.

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