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Interstate Sale Of Stolen Property

Fearless. Aggressive. Resourceful. A Defense Lawyer You Can Trust.

Federal law strictly prohibits the interstate sale of stolen property. These cases are aggressively prosecuted. If you suspect that you are under investigation or have already been charged, you need a criminal lawyer on your side who is capable of handling these often extremely complex cases.

Mark C. Cogan has more than 40 years of experience and a record of success handling federal cases. He is fearless against powerful government authorities, aggressive in the defense of your rights and resourceful in pursuing a successful strategy for your case.

Call the law office of Mark C. Cogan, P.C., in Portland, Oregon, at (503) 549-1077 for a free initial consultation.

Under the law, stolen property can include tangible items or intangible items such as a wire transfer or the exchange of fraudulent securities. You could be charged with a federal crime for involvement at any stage of the transaction. This includes your participation in:

  • The sale of the property
  • The physical transportation of the property across state lines
  • Facilitating the transportation, including using the postal service or an Internet exchange site such as eBay
  • Accepting the stolen property

Power. They Have It. You Need It Too.

The government is a formidable opponent. Federal authorities have extensive resources and a lot of powerful technologies and investigative tools at their disposal. They are able to use some of the most sophisticated means of surveillance technology that is available to monitor your actions online, over the phone, in text messages, through GPS, and much more.

You need a powerful and experienced Portland property crime attorney on your side who knows how to fiercely defend your rights and interests. You can get that at our law firm. To schedule your complimentary consultation, call us at (503) 549-1077 or send us an email.

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