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Vehicular Manslaughter

  • Have you ever sent a text while driving?
  • Have you ever closed your eyes for just a moment due to lack of sleep or a cold medication?
  • Do you suffer from substance abuse?
  • Have you ever slammed on the brakes for a pedestrian you didn’t immediately see?

Many people could admit to committing any of the endless actions that have the potential to cause a catastrophic auto collision. When one occurs, it is often the individual’s first encounter with the legal system.

When a fatal car accident occurs, ordinary people find themselves in a horrible situation with terrifying and potentially life-altering consequences. In a situation that is truly heart-wrenching for everyone involved, you need to protect your rights with the guidance of an experienced Portland criminal defense attorney.

The Portland Gun crime lawyers at Mark C. Cogan, P.C., know how to navigate these sensitive cases with their decades of experience in Portland and throughout Oregon.

Serious Consequences | Serious Representation

Although every fatal accident by definition involves a death, there are several different types of vehicular manslaughter offenses that you could be charged with depending on the circumstances.

  • Manslaughter first degree: This is a Ballot Measure 11 offense that carries a mandatory 10 years in prison. There are no options for early release.
  • Manslaughter second degree: This is a Ballot Measure 11 offense that carries a mandatory 6.25 years in prison. There are no options for early release.
  • Criminally negligent homicide: Although Oregon sentencing guidelines do not include a mandatory term, you could still face serious time in prison.

Get The Help You Need For A Mental Health Issue

If you suffer from substance abuse or a mental health issue that contributed to the accident, we can work with you to get the treatment that you need. If you voluntarily enter treatment, it can have a beneficial impact:

  • In your legal situation
  • With your employer
  • For your family
  • On your overall health

At Mark C. Cogan, P.C., we aggressively fight to protect your rights and interests while treating you with the respect that you deserve. We promise to listen to your concerns and to put every effort toward finding the best possible resolution in your situation.

If you have been charged with vehicular manslaughter, let us start building your defense immediately. Reach us at (503) 549-1077. You can also submit your information online.

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