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Attorney For Marijuana Cultivation in Portland

Being charged with manufacturing or cultivating marijuana can be an extremely frightening experience. Even having a single plant could lead to very serious consequences. Law enforcement officers in Portland are not shy about letting you know that you could face serious fines, long periods of probation, jail time, damage to your professional career and much more.

Instead of letting this conversation scare you, let it prompt you to contact a Portland defense attorney who will be relentless in the pursuit of preventing these penalties and implications. With the law firm of Mark C. Cogan, P.C., this is the representation you are guaranteed to receive.

Several Factors Can Make It A Federal Offense

As with many criminal charges, the illegal cultivation of marijuana can be charged on many levels. Certain circumstances can increase the severity of these charges to a felony or from a state crime to a federal offense. Some factors include:

  • Scope of the marijuana grow operation
  • Evidence of delivery
  • Shipment of the drug across state lines
  • Probation or prior convictions

You Can Be Charged Even With A License To Grow

Although residents can obtain a license to grow medical marijuana legally in Oregon, this does not automatically exempt them from criminal prosecution. If you have a valid license to grow, you could still face drug charges if the police determine that you have violated the legal constraints. Instances may include:

  • Establishing a grow operation before your license has been approved
  • Delivering drugs to individuals who do not have a valid prescription
  • Growing more plants than the law permits

Unrelenting Advocacy | Let Us Get Started On Your Defense

At the law firm of Mark C. Cogan, P.C., we will fight the prosecution’s case. We will study every detail and consider every angle to help you obtain the best results possible. Our aggressive representation has proven extremely effective for our clients over the past 40 years.

Take advantage of this experience if you have been accused of an illegal marijuana grow operation. Schedule your free initial consultation with a Portland drug crime lawyer either online or by phone at (503) 549-1077.

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