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Client Testimonials

I highly recommend the entire team

Our son was accused of a crime that he did not commit. After briefly working with a public defender, it became clear that our son would be better served if we found a criminal defense attorney that we could trust. We called the law office of Mark C. Cogan, P.C., and it was immediately clear that Mark’s team would provide a first-class defense of my son. Mark’s knowledge, experience and professionalism were apparent at the outset. Mark’s associate, Benjamin Scissors, was assigned the role of primary attorney, and he delivered in spades. Benjamin was easy to work with and very professional. During my son’s trial, Benjamin performed a brilliant cross-examination of the prosecution’s star witness, the arresting officer, and got the officer to admit that there was reasonable doubt as to whether my son had committed the crime. I was also very impressed with Benjamin’s closing argument, during which he admonished the State for pursuing a case that was so devoid of evidence. It truly was a thing of beauty to behold. My son was acquitted, and justice was served. I highly recommend the entire team at the law office of Mark C. Cogan, P.C.

Steve A.
Responsive and reliable attorney

There aren’t enough words to say how grateful we are to Mark and his team for defending our father in criminal matters. Mark was with us every step of the way from bail to the dismissal. Yes!! He got my dads case dismissed!! And it wasn’t that easy my dad was facing minimum 7 years. That was the most scariest time of our life and Mark and his team was with us every step of the way. In court, by phone, and email. I would email during weekends and off hours and he would reply within minutes. He really cares for his clients and takes the time to explain. I would recommend him!! He’s the best lawyer there is!! Mark thank you again for all you have done for my dad and our family!!

College Student false accusations

My teenage college age son was falsely accused of a sex crime while away to college. Mark Cogans’ firm had a 20 year sentence dismissed and in place of that my son faced two expungable misdemeanors.
Our families worst nightmare happened when we were confronted with a DA with in my view, acting on political gain unwilling to even hear my sons side before taking it to the Grand Jury, then became intent , on sending our son to prison for 20years. All hope seemed lost, these were very dark days for our family. Then we walked into Mark Cogans office and the situation changed. Finally our son was heard. Mark then brought his team of lawyers and top notch private investigator “Randy” to gather the evidence of what really happened.
His firm presented the findings to the justice system and firmly engaged the DA in conversations and legal motions with the judge, with a brilliant presentation of the truth. Mark and his team made it so glaringly apparent of the injustice being served by this DAs office that all felony charges were dropped to two expungable misdemeanors. During this ordeal our family quickly recognized how determined and focused Marks’ entire team, (Jeff, Randy, Zack, David) team of legal professionals were for our son and bringing the falsehood of the accusers accusations to light. Jeff as an attorney and very skilled legal orator in presenting legal argument, Randy the investigator (retired detective) and his tenacity for digging out truthful, factual, evidence. Zack for his determination and ease of communication with others. David as a staff member, and recognizing the hell our family faced gave great comfort in inflecting empathy through conversation. Last you will find that the leader Mark Cogan is humble man. Yet his brilliance in developing legal strategy and presenting legal tenacious argument is a tribute to his profession . Further our family got to know him. We appreciated his candor, his wisdom and honesty. With Candor he told us the hard facts that our family faced. His wisdom prevailed over a DA who is in my view a zealot for persecution and blind to the truth.
Honesty ? True to his overall character he sent us funds back we did not expect, that were not used because he is honest and a man I will forever trust. Our family holds these traits in high regard and our recognition speaks to something beyond the entire legal system, but rather to the very core of the man Mark C Cogan. Words alone are not enough to express our appreciation for him and his entire firm.

He delivered results

Mr. Frame
Brief! But far exceeds in expectations

Generally speaking, from time to time people will take advantage of you, or try. Maybe you just made a mistake. Sometimes the thought to contact a lawyer seems scary, too serious, or otherwise unthinkable. Put your fears to rest here! If you find yourself in over your head, I cannot think of another CD Attorney you need to have on your side. Mr. Cogan and his highly qualified team of professionals are experts in Oregon Law, well connected, and ON YOUR SIDE!!!! I had a simple speeding traffic ticket, not too scary, but I was really upset due to the fact I hadn’t a ticket in over 12 years! Regardless of its simplicity, Mr. Cogan and his team took my case, answering all of my questions immediately, and the response was top notch. I didn’t feel like this was a simple case. Mr Cogan’s team didn’t either, taking it very serious and brought their A game. Let’s just say I will be calling them again should I even have a loitering ticket. If you’re reading this because you want a good lawyer and want to see what people are saying about them, keep on going. Cause here there are no good lawyers. Only great ones. Don’t settle for mediocrity when it’s YOUR LIFE ON THE LINE! Speeding tickets to Class A felonies… you’re in good hands with this practice.

Highly Recommended Criminal Defense Attorney

I was charged as Misdemeanor A due to a fish violation. I did not have any experience in the law issue before. When I first appeared on the court and I knew my charge, I got in a real panic. By searching on the internet, I found Mr. Mark Cogan, After calling him one hour later, I was in his office talking about my case. After initial chatting, I felt better and decided to work with him and his team. 40 days later, my case is settled by a no-criminal charge (violation fine). No jail/probation/record. I am so happy with the outcome.

Mr. Cogan is very reliable, responsible and patient. He and his team are very professional and efficient. It is the right choice to hire Mr.Cogan as a defense lawyer.

Outstanding Person and Defense Attorney

I appreciate Mark Cogan very much. My case was very serious. He did very excellent work to help me. He is very reliable, responsible, patient, persistent and logical thinking, and, most importantly, very aggressive in negotiating with DA or in the court. He is kind and non-judgmental while being supportive and seems to have strong relationships with those throughout the court system. He and his team are amazingly good people and great at what they do.

A+++ Stellar, Highly Recommended Defense Attorney in PDX

Attorney Mark Cogan is an outstanding attorney in the Portland Metro area. Mark and his team gave my family and I the peace of mind that we needed during this difficult time in our lives. I was desperately seeking a defense attorney approximately 2 1/2 months go. I decided to meet Mark for a consultation. I choose Mark above all the other defense attorneys around the PDX area solely for the fact that he is selected to be a top-rated “Super Lawyer” and has a rating of 10/10 on Avo. When I finally met Mark I knew that these exceptional ratings were a fact. My son was faced with some serious false allegations against him. Mark was honest and laid out all the facts and instructed us step by step on how to proceed with the process and ways to protect our rights as citizens. I felt extremely at ease and comforted with Mark handling our case. He is obviously very experienced and has a commanding knowledge of criminal defense law. Mark’s prompt and immediate responses to my emails/phone calls were remarkable. Mark’s responses to my concerns were almost instant. This is extremely important during this type of situations. Mark brought our case to a VICTORY! DA office decided not proceed with any charges against my son. Thank you Mark and your team for your assistance. My family and I would not hesitate to refer the Law Office of Mark Cogan to our close family and friends if faced with legal issues.

My six year old daughter turned seven this week

My six-year-old daughter turned seven this week. I was able to be there for her birthday. Why is this opening statement important to my review? Simply stated, it is because I am free.

Freedom has many facets and people that make it possible. Overall all there is God. However, God has his tools which he uses to grant said freedom to those that need it, even if they don’t deserve it.

I believe that Mark C. Cogan, Jeff A. Turney and all of their associates are tools in God’s service, even if they don’t realize it.

The recipe that makes this film stand above the rest is not only the professionalism and expertise offered. But also the humanity of their approach and the sensitivity by which they measure all things. I personally felt like they cared. Not just for my case but also for me as a father, as a husband, as a value to society and as a human being.

The Law Offices of Mark C. Cogan has not only proven extensive knowledge of the law but also demonstrated that their collective experience and their commitment to the case are formidable beyond compare.

I thank God for you all.

I thank you also.

A number one experience!

Mr. Mark C. Cogan represented my wife in a very serious case and I was so very impressed by his knowledge of profession, capabilities of communication, and outstanding customer service. We needed a defense attorney rather quickly and did not have time to waste. I could tell from the first chance I had to meet with him that he was the correct man for the job because there was no question in my mind, that he cared for the well being of my…

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