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Client Testimonials

Great first impression

I did not end up retaining Mark because my case was dismissed. However, I chose to write a review because I was very happy with my initial contact. I needed a lawyer immediately on a Friday afternoon and many offices were already closed. Mark was available by phone and was very professional and helpful. I had spoken to several other attorneys and was not as impressed as I was with Mark.

Saving my livelihood

I could have never imagined in all my life I would be facing a Measure 11 crime. I had never been violent in my life and had a unremarkable record. I have spent over 15 years to get to the place I am now; a college educated professional with a professional license. But I found myself in an unfortunate situation where I could not escape from an abusive relationship and I acted out; one time. And that is all it took to be at risk of losing…


My case was not a simple PV; first; it was over 20 years old; second; I had several felonies in other jurisdictions, not to mention Federal felonies after the case in question. Add to the mix was difficult health issues in which incarceration would most likely exacerbate. Compounding all those issues was the county of jurisdiction is one of the most challenging for criminal defendants to obtain leniency. …

Quick answers for free consultation!

I emailed Mr. Cogan a brief explanation of my case and asked a couple questions. Within the hour I received a very well organized and thorough answer. It was a surprise to get that kind of attention on a Sunday night! Very kind and honest, even if the truth isn’t the best news… Highly recommend!

Spencer Alexander
professional in legal knowledge regarding sexual and non-sexual relationships.

Mr. Cogan gave me great Information. Was very respectful. Answered all my questions and was willing to Talk to me again if I have any other questions in the future.

Keith Larson
Professional and an absolute gentleman

He called me within hours on a Saturday after sending a message of my dilemma. Mr. Cogan took the time on his day off to consult me on how I should proceed and for free nonetheless! He is absolutely confident, knowledgeable and has relieved me of much anxiety during a tough point in my life. I will gladly recommend his services to those in need of representation.

Representation For Sexual Offense

A family member was accused of a sexual offense with a minor and was facing some serious charges.
Mr Cogan provided superb legal action in our defense. Most impressive was Mr Cogans attention to the smallest details of the case. Mr Cogan treats you as if you are the only legal case he has on had plate at the moment.
He is an attorney that takes your best interest to heart.
Amongst top attorneys, Mr Cogan stands in rarefied company. The best, period.

Very Satisfied - Thanks Mr. Cogan

Mr. Cogan responded to my late night inquiry first thing in the morning. What I thought was going to require an appointment and a fee, he handled directly with me over the phone in a free 15 minute conversation with a very satisfactory result. He was very professional and concerned for my well being. I would go to him again, no hesitation.

Saved me.

I was looking at a mandatory minimum sentence charge that would have basically ruined my life. I know that I had committed no crime, but the system does not work that way. After some research I found Mark and emailed him at 3 am. He got back to me the next morning. We met and I explained the situation to him. You get what you pay for and what I received was excellent counsel from Mark and his staff. Mark kept me assured and abreast of the situation. This was my career, life, livelihood all on the line and Mark did an excellent job. After a few months no charges were pursued. I took his advice and he saw me as a human being. I recommend him highly.

10 out of 10 experience.

I am extremely satisfied with the professionalism and results of Mr. Cogan’s firm. Facing a criminal charge or even just the potential therof is a life changing experience for anyone, especially when one is a professional with much at stake. Choosing an attorney who can truly make the best of such a situation is crucial. I have found Mr. Cogan to be extremely prompt, confident but not over-promising, and extremely hands-on in his approach. He surprised me time and time again with answering my calls or emails well after hours, and with being so plugged into the case and his client. He has navigated delicate matters extremely proficiently, and produced excellent results. His hand picked and extremely efficient team is simply a 10 out of 10. I am grateful and highly recommend this legal practice.

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Mark C. Cogan, P.C., of Portland, Oregon, represents individuals charged with crimes throughout Oregon, including central Oregon, northern Oregon, Pacific Coast communities and the Willamette River valley, including Clackamas County, Washington County, Multnomah County, Columbia County, Marion County, Tillamook County, Clatsop County, Lincoln County, Lane County, Linn County and Benton County and the cities of Salem, Lake Oswego, Gresham, Oregon City, Tigard, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Milwaukie, West Linn, The Dalles and Clackamas.

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