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Advocates for Defending the Rights of Non-Citizens

Are you a foreign national or non-citizen facing criminal charges in the U.S.? There could be serious immigration consequences as a result of your criminal prosecution, including deportation. That is why it is crucial you seek legal representation from a criminal defense attorney who can successfully address both criminal and immigration consequences in your case.

At Mark C. Cogan, P.C., it has long been a standard practice of our law office to consult with immigration counsel and acquire guidance as to how our client’s pending criminal charge can adversely impact his or her immigration situation. In some cases, we have found that the potential immigration jeopardy facing the client can actually be leveraged in the client’s favor, resulting in a successful outcome for the client.

Contact our experienced Portland foreign national criminal defense lawyer today. In a free initial consultation, Mark C. Cogan can discuss with you the potential implications in your case. He will use his more than 40 years of experience to successfully protect your rights.

The Teachings of Padilla

Criminal defense counsel must be aware of the immigration consequences of criminal prosecution. That was the ruling in the ground-breaking 2010 United States Supreme Court case Padilla v. Kentucky.

In this case, a 40-year lawful permanent resident of the United States faced deportation arising from a conviction for drug distribution charges. Mr. Padilla had been instructed by his defense attorney not to worry about being deported as a result of his criminal prosecution. However, his defense attorney was incorrect, and the government commenced a deportation action as a result of his criminal conviction. Mr. Padilla contended that he did not receive effective assistance of counsel, arising from his attorney’s failure to warn him concerning the immigration consequences of his prosecution. The Supreme Court agreed with Mr. Padilla and held that criminal defense counsel cannot be oblivious to the immigration consequences of criminal prosecution.

We at Mark C. Cogan, P.C., have always been strong advocates for all of our clients, regardless of their immigration status. No matter what your criminal charge is, we will work with you in protecting your rights in both the criminal and immigration court systems. If this means seeking additional expert advice, we will do so.

The Prosecution Has Begun Its Work — We Should Begin Ours

Trust an Oregon criminal defense attorney who is truly compassionate about the rights of non-citizens and foreign nationals. Please call our Portland law office at (503) 549-1077, or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation with our non-citizen criminal charges attorney.

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