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Oregon reconsiders mandatory minimum sentences for criminal charges

Aggressive Criminal Defense in Oregon

Many people are overwhelmed after being charged with a criminal offense. They trust the advice of their friends and family who say “you want an aggressive lawyer.” You want someone who will keep you out of jail, help you avoid fines and keep your record clean. If you or someone you know has been charged with property crime, DUII or a sex crime, we can help.

But aggressive representation isn’t the end of the story. You want a qualified, experienced attorney with a talent for coming up with strategic, creative solutions and possessing the right professional resources to handle your defense correctly from the outset. You want an attorney who has taken hundreds of satisfied clients in situations like yours to a successful outcome, beating the odds.

Fearless – Aggressive – Resourceful

Those three words are often used to describe criminal defense attorney Mark C. Cogan. He represents professionals as well as union, salaried and hourly workers, retirees, students, and small business owners. Every client of our office receives the focused, personal attention of an experienced and accomplished attorney who will fight for the best result, use forceful, strategic techniques, and who will leave no stone unturned to pave the road to a successful result.

If you have been charged with a crime or need representation in a criminal law matter, contact our Portland, Oregon criminal defense attorneys law firm to learn how we can help you.

Treating Every Client With Respect and Dignity

Being aggressive does not mean that we don’t treat our clients well. Quite the opposite! The courtroom victories and negotiated outcomes we have accomplished for our clients to speak for themselves, and our clients speak highly of us.

Our pledge to you:

  • We will listen to you and pursue what you want for your defense.
  • We will leave no stone unturned in creating a defense strategy.
  • We will leverage our resources to make the most of your chance at an acquittal, dismissed charge or
  • successful plea bargain.
  • We will be strategic and creative to find ways to accomplish your desired solution.

The Prosecution Has Begun Its Work – We Should Begin Ours

Many criminal cases are lost because the defendant waited too long to contact a qualified Portland criminal defense attorney. No matter the circumstances, anyone under investigation or facing criminal prosecution should retain the best possible attorney as early in the process as possible. If you are charged with a sex crime, DUII, theft or embezzlement, or any other misdemeanor or felony, please call our Portland law office at 503-549-1077 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation.

Let’s get your criminal defense started. We have work to do.

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