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Highly Recommended Criminal Defense Attorney

I was charged as Misdemeanor A due to a fish violation. I did not had any experience in the law issue before. When I first appeared on court and I knew my charge, I got in a real panic. By searching in internet, I found Mr. Mark Cogan, After calling him one hour later, I was in his office talking my case. After initial chatting, I felt better and decided work with him and his team. 40 days later, my case is settled by a no-criminal charge (violation fine). No jail/probation/record. I am so happy with the outcome.

Mr. Cogan is very reliable, responsible and patient. He and his team are very professional and efficient. It is a right choice to hire Mr.Cogan as a defense lawyer.

我是一个来自中国的移民。 因钓鱼违规,被以刑事案件起诉(Misdemeanor A)。 在律师 Mark Cogan 帮助下,起诉撤销改为罚款。没有监狱(jail)/缓刑(probation)/记录(record). 如华人有刑事案,需要律师,Mark Cogan 值得考虑!

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