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Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers Portland Serving Throughout Oregon

Defending Drug Possession, Distribution and Manufacturing Charges

Most clients who have been charged with drug possession, distribution or manufacture want the same things:

  • Keep me out of jail.
  • Keep the charge off my record.
  • Keep my name out of the papers.
  • Don’t let the charge bankrupt me.

A drug conviction has consequences in addition to potential jail time. It can affect your ability to get a job, qualify for a student loan, and obtain permits, certifications and security clearances. At our law firm, based in Portland, Oregon, our criminal defense lawyer has more than 40 years of criminal defense experience.

“Dear Mark, Thank you for the magnificent job that you did in getting the criminal charges against me dismissed! This was my first real encounter with law enforcement and the D.A.’s office. I was very shocked to rapidly learn that they certainly were not interested in a “search for justice or the truth”, they merely wanted convictions and notches on their guns — at any cost! … To have you finally defeat them in front of a judge, and with absolute clarity and logic, was truly impressive. It was just an extraordinary thing to observe.” — Trevor, Lake Oswego, OR

Know Your Rights — Don’t Harm Yourself

Even in a situation where prospects may appear bleak, there is a great deal that an experienced Portland, Oregon drug crime attorney can do for you. However, your case can be made more difficult if you make some of these common errors:

  • Giving a statement to the police
  • Submitting to search and seizure before talking to an attorney
  • Talking to the wrong people
  • Failing to get an attorney involved at a early stage

At Mark C. Cogan, P.C., we have experience with the following:

  • All types of state and federal drug charges — Possession, possession with intent to sell, distribution, manufacture, international trafficking
  • All types of drugs — Marijuana, psilocybin mushrooms, cocaine, crack, meth, heroin, prescription drugs such as OxyContin, date rape drugs, ecstasy
  • All types of resources and tools — Forensic experts, lie detector experts, DNA experts, private investigators, drug and alcohol counselors and others
  • Expungement — Getting a conviction off your record

The Prosecution Has Begun Its Work — We Should Begin Ours

Regardless of the circumstances, anyone facing the prospect of criminal prosecution should retain the best possible attorney as early in the process as possible. If you have been charged with a drug offense, please call our Portland law office at 503-549-1077 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation with our Portland, Oregon Drug Crimes Defense Lawyers.

Drug Crimes Resource:

Marijuana Cultivation
Prescription Fraud

If you are a college student it is even more important to work with an experienced lawyer right away.

Any college student facing the prospect of criminal prosecution should retain the best possible Portland, Oregon Drug Crimes Defense Attorney as early in the process as possible. If you have been charged with a college student crime, please call our Portland law office at (503) 549-1077 or send us an e-mail for a free initial consultation.

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