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Possession Of A Fake ID

Tenacious Criminal Defense Lawyer | Decades Of Experience In Oregon

  • Were you caught purchasing alcohol with a fake ID?
  • Are you a college student who tried to get into a bar with a driver’s license that belongs to an older sibling?
  • Did you give officers an altered ID to avoid a minor in possession charge at a party?

You could face serious criminal consequences even if you never took a drink.

Over the past several decades, Mark C. Cogan has handled numerous cases involving the use of a fake ID with outstanding results, allowing his clients to walk away without a criminal record.

Although these instances often involve a minor attempting to purchase alcohol or gain access to an establishment that serves liquor, any use of a fake or fraudulent ID for any purpose can result in a criminal charge.

Contact an attorney at the law office of Mark C. Cogan, P.C., in Portland immediately if you have been accused of:

  • Using an adult friend or family member’s valid ID
  • Sharing your valid ID with another individual
  • Falsifying or altering an existing ID
  • Purchasing a fraudulent or fake ID
  • Possessing an ID that has been altered in any way

Protect Your Future With Our Help | Get Started Today

If you want a Portland juvenile charges attorney on your side relentlessly working to have your charges dismissed and any record of an arrest for a fake ID expunged or removed from your record, contact our criminal law firm at (503) 549-1077.

You can also schedule your free initial consultation online. Send us an email with your contact information and a brief description of your individual situation.

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