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Beware Threats of Criminal Charges!


A client came to our office worried and alarmed that he was under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency.  It turned out to be untrue and a scam, but even when it’s not, never abandon your right to remain silent.  This scenario reminds us to be extremely careful if you are contacted by law enforcement! You cannot take back what you say to law enforcement. No matter how friendly they are or pretend to be, detectives are working AGAINST you 100%. Close your mouth and reach out to a criminal defense attorney or federal criminal defense attorney.

In this scam, the caller pretended to be a DEA agent and asked about pharmaceuticals purchased online.  The fake DEA agent made accusations and says the individual faces federal investigation. This scared many defendants into making a cash payment to prevent prosecution.

Never assume that even legitimate law enforcement is telling you the truth. Police officers lie regularly in the name of catching “bad guys.”  Do NOT speak with law enforcement without an attorney even if you haven’t been charged with a crime yet. This is a classic way that police officers trick accused persons into talking versus exercising the right to remain silent.

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