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There is hope! There is no doubt about it; when we age, medical issues can be a problem. For some people, their medical difficulties may lead to a suspension or even revocation of their driver’s license. Whether it is because of a temporary or permanent medical condition, a one-time issue, or because of certain prescribed medications, your driver’s license may be at risk of being suspended or revoked by DMV.

Losing one’s license is not only a hardship on the individual, but also can be a hardship on loved ones who want to help you. This can be embarrassing and totally change your life. Contact an attorney immediately if you believe your license may be at risk.

You may find yourself at risk of losing your license due to:

  • doctor’s orders
  • car accident
  • reports to the DMV

DMV may take action to suspend or revoke your license but an attorney can help you keep or restore your driving privileges. What can be done?

  • appeal the suspension or revocation
  • request a hearing to challenge the actions taken by DMV
  • work with a medical doctor to access and document your ability to drive safely

Having your privilege to drive on the line is upsetting. If you want to fight for your driving privileges, call Portland criminal defense attorney today so we can get to work to save your license.

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