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Should You Enter DUII Diversion?


Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to enter Diversion or go to trial. On the one hand, you might feel like the police were wrong in the first place. You might be frustrated with how your arrest was done. Maybe things were exaggerated and any signs that you were innocent ignored. On the other hand, you may want the most ideal, simple way to resolve all this chaos in your life and get back to normal.

Going to trial can be challenging but it can also be something you regret not doing when all is said and done. 

Your Portland DUII defense attorney should present the options to you in the most realistic terms possible. Here are some benefits to consider with the DUII Diversion Program:

A defendant client who enters the DUII Diversion Program can be sure that the DUII charge will be dismissed if the client completes all requirements. So going into the DUII Diversion Program gives you control over your future in a way that trial does not. There is a risk in the case where alcoholism is a struggle. When you enter the DUII Diversion Program, you give away any opportunity to enter Diversion again for 15 years down the line. So if you are really having a hard time with alcoholism or even just go out drinking then driving often, Diversion may not be the best path.

If you or someone you care about is facing a charge of DUII, make sure you speak with a Portland criminal law attorney who is experienced and successful in handling cases of DUII in Oregon. The best advice will come from a one-on-one consultation and established relationship with you.

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