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Arrested In Oregon Prostitution Sting?


You may think you can’t win if you’ve been charged with prostitution, especially if you solicited a police officer posing as a prostitute. But before you count it all loss, take a look at some areas your defense team can attack in negotiations or at trial by jury:

  • the validity of the arrest
  • the motivation behind the sting/arrest
  • how evidence was gathered
  • integrity of evidence
  • lack of evidence or failure to gather or test available evidence
  • statements of the police including any lies told to the suspect
  • police misconduct or deviation from standard procedures

You may feel your rights were violated and you could be right! Advanced, technical problems with the arrest may be found by an expert prostitution attorney who is up to date on Oregon criminal law. You will protect your rights and shelter yourself from the worst consequences by exploring all possible grounds for challenging the State’s case against you!

In some counties, a first-time prostitution case may be skillfully resolved in community court resulting in the case being dismissed in 6 months. Successful completion of the “John” program can lead to the deletion of the case from your criminal record following record clearance (expungement). Subsequent prostitution arrests call for greater strategy. More is on the line – your employment and income potential, your reputation, maybe even your marriage or personal ties.

This article is general information and should not be considered personal legal advice, thank you.

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