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Client Testimonials

Stress Free and Great Follow Through!!!

Mr. Cogan handled my request for the expungement/sealing of my criminal record. He was very easy to work with and the process was stress free. Mr Cogan’s assistant Ms. Janique Cogan kept me apprised of my case and when she received the final order signed by the judge she took the time to call me to let me know the process had been completed. Great follow through!

Saved my car insurance rate from skyrocketing!

Last winter an officer threw the book at me, giving me three moving violations when one would have done, as if it were personal. Mark advised me to plead not guilty and postpone the trial more than once, as a “tactical move”. Before court appearance Mark clearly laid out all my options, carefully pointing out the risks and benefits of my possible choices. Today we met pre-trial with the officer who appeared to have calmed down considerably from that night, and we negotiated it down to traffic school for a $50 fee and dismissal on all counts. The judge approved the officer’s recommendation. Mark’s calm professional assurance and expert know-how, as well as his court presence as an experienced litigator, helped make the difference. I’m grateful he took the case, knowing he is used to working on far more serious criminal matters, but he gave it his all nonetheless. Thanks Mark!

My case was important to him

When I asked Mr Cogan to assist me with my legal charges, I knew I had selected an excellent attorney. Even though I had admittedly broken the law, I wanted a top-flight attorney in my corner, to get me the best possible outcome.

I was aware of Mr Cogan’s impressive qualifications: He is one of a select group of criminal defense attorneys who have earned the label “Super Lawyer”; he graduated from one of the top-5 law schools in the country; he litigated an important Constitutional rights case all the way to the US Supreme Court in his first 3 years of law practice; he has a proven track record of success in handling the most serious criminal matters.

And yet, I was not certain how Mr Cogan would handle my cases, because my legal matters were not the kind of headline-grabbing cases that a high powered attorney such as Mr Cogan would seek to handle.

My fears proved unfounded. Indeed, Mr Cogan approached representation of me as if my cases were the most important matters he had in his docket. Mr Cogan demonstrated that, because my cases were important to me, they were important to him as well.

Mr Cogan assured me that he would give my matters the attention they deserved, and I am pleased to say that his representation of me was all that I could have wished for. Thanks to Mr Cogan’s vigorous and devoted advocacy, over a period of nearly 20 months, all charges were ultimately dismissed.

Mr Cogan has earned my most enthusiastic endorsement. He is an extremely devoted and talented attorney, who will do everything possible to accomplish a successful result. I am glad I placed my matters in his capable hands.

Professional and Effective

I hired Mr. Cogan about 4 months ago, as a result of being charged with two significant drug offenses, one of possession and the other of delivery.

Mr. Cogan was both helpful and informative about everything involving the case and what exactly my options were.

He was successful in negotiating a plea proposal that knocked off one of my outstanding charges and that ultimately resulted in no jail time.

Mr. Cogan is very professional, knowledgeable, and effective attorney, one that I would recommend to anyone, especially those facing drug-related offenses.

Mark C. Cogan - A truly professional and caring attorney.

About seven years ago, I had a brush with the law that would have surely changed my life forever, for the worst. I will never forget that horrifying night.
After my family contacted Mark (in the middle of the night, none the less), it was instantaneous that Mark began his hard work of building my case.
Mark was more than just an attorney to me and my family during that time – he was a friend and a comfort to us all while dealing with the harshest points of the law.
Through his hard work, determination, dedication, and knowledgeable experience, Mark was able to win my case even when it looked like there was absolutely no hope.
My family and I are forever indebted to Mark for his truly incomparable skills and competence in defending his clients.
There was never a time where Mark was unable to be reached or couldn’t answer a question without confidence and honesty.
He will go above and beyond and do whatever it takes to defend his clients and I would recommend him with immense confidence to anyone who needs a defense attorney.

Omar A.
We must move on

Mark Cogan is an excellent attorney. He Represented me last year for several charges including a D.U.I. Not only was he able to get one of the charges against me dropped but he did not bill me for the dropped charge. He is an amazing lawyer in and out of the court room and treats all of his clients as his first priority. Because of Mark Cogan and his enthusiasm to fight for his clients have my license back and my life has returned to normal.

Best defense attorney in Oregon

10 years ago I had a business deal go horribly wrong which I tried to resolve on my own. It ended with criminally charges against me when the cops arrested me without fully investigating the facts and the DA initially went along and piled on a series of serious charges. I realized I needed representation and sought out the “best defense attorney in Oregon” Mr Cogan was recommended to me and he a great job on my case. Unfortunately, the state did not drop all their charges against me, but because of his personal relationships with the DA, and defense experience, he got me the best deal possible, which ended up in only misdemeanor convictions. In a Hollywood movie my case would have been dismissed to the cheers of a packed courtroom, but in real life the DA and the cops are never going to admit they did anything wrong, and as hard as it was to hear, Mark gave me the best advice and representation possible. He got my charges reduced, and also helped me prepare myself so that when I did plead guilty to the reduced charges, the judge gave me the minimal sentence. Although it was unfortunate to have a conviction on my record I stayed in contact with Mark and 10 years later (required in Oregon) Mark most recently helped get the conviction expunged. Again, his personal relationships with the court and state officials was a factor in making this happen in my favor. Mark has always been fantastic about answering my calls, emails and several times I have called him after hours or on the weekend expecting to leave a message and had him personally answer my call and give me the time needed to address my concern. His number is programmed in my speed dial and committed to my memory because even though I never expect to have any criminal issues again, this experience taught me that the system is far from fair and your best chance in getting a fair result is to have a good attorney. As I said, Mark Cogan is the best defense attorney in Oregon and I strongly recommend him should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing his service. One last note, while this review has mostly focused on his professional abilities, Mark is also a very nice and caring person, I have really appreciated getting to know him and count him as one of the most influential people I know. He has excellent character and his prices are also very fair considering the quality of his representation.

PDX Businessman
Highly Satisfied

I came to Mark for assistance at the onset of an investigation that did not result in charges for quite some time; Mark was very knowledgeable and helpful from the beginning, and we were ultimately able to reach an agreement that only a skilled and well-respected attorney would be able to secure, given my situation.
From our initial meeting onward, I was given realistic expectations of the potential outcomes of my case, and I was kept informed in a timely manner of developments or discussions with the DA’s office. I was also given sound advice when deciding whether a trial or a plea offer would be the best option in my case.
I would highly recommend Mark for any criminal defense matters, as he is up to date with his knowledge of changing property crime legislation and the general workings of the criminal court system in Oregon.

Excellent representation in expungement motion, highly recommended!

Based on my experience working with Mark and his team, I highly recommend him. In 2011 Mark successfully represented me in a motion to set aside a conviction for possession of controlled substance in Oregon. I chose him after consulting with a total of three lawyers on their legal interpretation of the case and cost for their services. Mark noticed details about my case and their potential significance that the other two lawyers completely overlooked, and his fees were lower as well. Mark and his team kept me informed throughout the process and made filing the motion a simple matter.

When the DA opposed my request for expungement, Mark successfully argued the case to a judge and won the motion, removing this conviction from my record. He did all this without my needing to appear in court. I was extremely impressed with his intelligence and legal knowledge, and with the customer service he and his team provided. I would recommend him without reservation to anyone planning to seek an expungement.

Relief most welcome after 25 years.

Mr. Cogan represented me in an application/petition for relief from sex offender registration responsibilities here in Oregon. I had served my time in another state many years ago, but recently moved to Oregon. I was required to register in the other state as well as Oregon, which I did conscientiously. Mr. Cogan advised me after a thorough review of my court and rehabilitation documents, that I met the criteria in Oregon to apply for relief from the registration requirement. He did superb legal research and preparation before the hearing. Thanks to Mark, everyone agreed with my rehabilitative efforts, and that I wasn’t a danger to society. At the hearing he was persistant in his legal arguments, and I was able to receive a positive outcome.

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