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Coronavirus Emergency Appeal

On Monday, May 18, A Baker County Circuit Judge ruled that Governor Kate Brown had made a mistake by not seeking the Legislature’s approval to extend Oregon’s stay-at-home orders beyond a 28-day limit. The Judge’s ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed by ten churches in Oregon, who argue that the state’s stay-at-home orders were unconstitutional. The ruling meant that the stay-at-home restrictions imposed by Governor Brown would be “null-and-void”, lifting the restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic. Before the day was done, The Governor’s office filed an emergency appeal to the Supreme Court of Oregon, which was granted hours later. Now the Governor’s stay-at-home order will remain in place while the Supreme Court of Oregon considers both sides’ arguments. Both sides have until Friday, May 22nd to submit legal briefs. There is no timetable for the Supreme Court of Oregon—the highest court in the state—to make a decision once it hears the appeal. This means that the stay-at-home-orders will remain in effect until further notice.

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