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Domestic Violence According to the State


Domestic violence charges are brought against strong family units as often as others. Couples in the wake of a bad night may find themselves facing misdemeanor or felony charges of Assault in the Fourth Degree, Strangulation, Harassment or worse. Police protocol of “taking someone in” at every scene of domestic disturbance can shock an already stressed couple. This practice is essentially a mandatory arrest adopted throughout the country three decades ago. One theory is that the arrest of someone accused of abuse protects defendants from the escalation of violence, especially once the police have left the scene.

What our clients know is having your life disrupted by a violent crime or criminal charge is overwhelming. Our clients are usually very surprised by the aggressive position of the State in prosecuting them, frequently against the wishes of the alleged defendant, a “defendant” who is often a neutral, if not deeply devoted, spouse. Couples can feel they are being kicked when already down and express feelings that the State oversteps its bounds, interfering in personal affairs and prolonging disruption. There is room for hope in this circumstance. Our defense team takes a very skillful and strategic approach to:

  • Prevent total disruption of our client’s life
  • Minimize government interference in the family unit (preserve privacy)
  • Pave a way to the clearance of the criminal record of arrest and prosecution

Domestic violence charges can dramatically change the home atmosphere. Harsh no-contact orders take effect immediately upon arrest and complicate everything from housing to childcare and financial responsibilities. So much is at stake. Typically, the sooner experienced criminal counsel is recruited, the more freedoms are preserved.

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