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During 2020, Federal Prosecutors Filed More Charges Labeled “Domestic Terrorism” In Oregon Than Anywhere Else

In 2020, approximately 40 protestors were faced with Federal charges filed by the Oregon U.S. Attorney’s Office, which the government labels “domestic terrorism”. Two of those protestor defendants are represented by our law firm.

A domestic terrorism charge may include allegations of assault and resistance towards federal officers, civil disorder, and arson. Many of these cases are believed to have originated from the George Floyd protests of last summer, a movement that was brutally suppressed by the police.

Upon President Trump’s order to deploy 114 federal law enforcement officers to Portland back in July, more protestors gathered together to fight back against the hostile police force that was hindering their movement. Due to the overwhelming showing of force by Federal agents, protestors became entangled with these charges while resisting, some being prosecuted unjustly.

The brutal law enforcement response to the Black Lives Matter protests during the summer stands in sharp contrast to law enforcement’s ineffectual handling of Trump’s mob’s attack on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021. Hopefully, a more appropriate law enforcement attitude will emerge during the Biden – Harris administration.

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