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Former West Linn Cop Finally Gets Consequences for His Role in Racist Action Against Black Citizen

It has taken 4 long years, but former West Linn police lieutenant Michael Stradley has finally gotten consequences for his role in the racially motivated prosecution of Michael Fesser, who was falsely charged with a crime in retaliation for making a complaint of racial discrimination against his politically connected employer.

At long last, Stradley finally agreed to resign from the state’s public safety academy, after having been placed on paid administrative leave for more than a year. Thus, despite the City of West Linn having settled a civil lawsuit worth $625,000, plus attorney fees, with the innocent Michael Fesser, Stradley was able to take a long paid vacation before leaving law enforcement.

Stradley is now the fourth officer involved in the Fesser case facing the consequences of wrongfully targeting Fesser. Others include former police chiefs Terry Kruger and Terry Timeus, as well as Sgt. Tony Reeves, all of whom played key roles in the biased persecution and investigation of Michael Fesser.

Stradley’s attorney claimed that Stradley’s reason for stepping down was due to the “false perception” followed by his involvement in Fesser’s case becoming too much of a distraction, thus tarnishing his law enforcement service of over 30 years.

However, by resigning from his position in the agency which trains and certifies Oregon cops, Stradley also was able to avoid participating in future hearings or litigation concerning his role in the shameful actions which law enforcement had taken against Mr Fesser.

Due to the wrongful, biased, and unfair actions that these former West Linn law enforcement officers inflicted upon Mr Fesser, a Black man who had complained about racist comments and harassment towards him at work, Mr Fesser filed two civil lawsuits, earning a total of $1 million in compensation and attorney fees.

Though these rogue officers either eventually removed themselves from their “service,” or were fired, this shameful saga demonstrates that deep misconduct still occurs within Oregon’s law enforcement system.

Though justice was eventually served, we can only hope that more victims of racial harassment will be able to receive just compensation in the same way as did Mr Fesser.

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