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Ignition Interlock’s Role in Oregon’s DUII Law

During the holidays, many law enforcement agencies throughout Oregon participated in sobriety campaigns geared toward cracking down on drunk drivers. According to the Oregon State Police, there were 29 DUII arrests that occurred during the New Year’s enforcement period, which represents a slight decrease over last year’s numbers.

Oregon takes a very aggressive stance toward drunk driving, and the legislature reviews these laws each year to sure remain as strong as possible. Those arrested for DUII in the state face a host of possible penalties if they are eventually convicted of the offense. These punishments will depend upon several factors, such as the motorist’s blood-alcohol content (BAC) and any prior alcohol-related driving offenses.

First-time offenders face the loss of their driving privileges, as well as jail time that ranges from 48 hours up to one year. Perhaps more importantly, these offenders will also need to install an ignition interlock device. They must pay for the installation and monitoring costs for the devices in any vehicles that they may be driving.

These devices restrict the operation of a vehicle if alcohol is present in the person’s breath. The interlocks will also perform random checks to be sure that the motorist is not drinking while driving after the vehicle has been started. Offenders need to pay the costs of monitoring these devices as well. Any attempts to circumvent the interlock will result in very strong punishments for the drivers.

Those convicted of a DUII will be required to have the interlocks for one to two years after the period of license suspension has ended. Some offenders may qualify for a DUII diversion program, but they will also be required to install an interlock for a time period specified by the courts.

With such severe penalties in place, it is crucial that those individuals charged with DUII in Oregon take immediate action to protect their rights. If you have been arrested for driving under the influence of intoxicants, you need to contact an experienced Portland criminal defense attorney before you make any statements to law enforcement personnel.

You might be scared about what will happen if you are arrested. Police know that you may have little experience with the system, and might try to act supportive as you go through the process. While they may seem to have your best interests at heart, they are not looking out for you. They want you to give them the information that they need, and if you answer their questions, you may make your situation much worse.

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