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Multnomah County Elects A Reform-Minded Leader As Its New DA

For too long, District Attorneys have exercised their enormous power in obscurity. For the first time in many decades, Multnomah County had a truly contested race for DA, and the voters responded by electing a reform-minded candidate as their new DA.

Reformer Mike Schmidt was elected in a landslide, with more than 75% of the vote. Mike has a mandate to proceed in an entirely new direction, a stunning break from the policies of the past.

Now, at long last, Multnomah County will have a DA whose values and policies are consistent with the overwhelmingly progressive ideals of Oregon’s most populous county.

Now, finally, Multnomah County has chosen a leader for this very important position, who can steer us in a new direction, departing from the failed policies of mass incarceration.

Mike Schmidt endorses the philosophy of restorative justice; he opposes the death penalty; and he will work to roll back the failed experiment of Ballot Measure 11, which has destroyed many lives with its cruel and unjust one-strike-you’re-out mandate.

We finally have a DA who respects the role of the judiciary in fashioning an appropriate sentence. No longer will prosecutors dictate cruel and inhuman punishments.

And finally, at long last, we may see police officers being prosecuted for brutal and violent misdeeds, frequently perpetrated against the poor, mentally disturbed, and racial minorities within our community.

Nationally, progressives have been instrumental in electing reform candidates to DA offices. Multnomah County’s DA election even attracted national attention, with John Legend’s support of Mike Schmidt’s candidacy.

A new day has dawned, and we can be proud of Multnomah County voters for electing Mike Schmidt as their new DA.

Congratulations Mike! I am very proud of what we have accomplished in electing you to office.

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