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Victory In Underaged Girlfriend, No Sex Offender Label

Our Portland criminal law firm frequently represents young men accused of having sex with underage females. Typically, our client is 18 to 22 years of age with an underaged girlfriend who was not coerced or pressured into the relationship, nor does she view herself as a defendant. Despite this, the legal consequences can be extreme. The young man faces jail or prison, mandatory registration as a sex offender, and a felony conviction that never qualifies for expungement.

No matter the circumstances, we are devoted to getting our clients the best possible result. MJ came to us and over a period of months, we worked with our client and our psychologist and our private investigator to accomplish an outcome that avoided disaster. MJ will be able to move ahead in his life without the weight of a felony conviction. He will not be labeled a sex offender and he will be able to expunge all records associated with his arrest and prosecution.

Our work for MJ confirms that, even in the most daunting situations, we can bring significant benefits to the people who place themselves in our care.

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