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The Black Resilience Fund Deserves Our Support

Black Lives Matter has emerged as a strong movement seeking to redress the wrongs that have been perpetrated against our Black brothers and sisters.

Here in Portland, a new organization, the Black Resilience Fund, or “BRF,” is an emergency fund that is helping ensure that Black Portlanders can receive needed financial and emotional support.

This exciting organization, created by Cameron Whitten, quickly raised over 1 million dollars with 12,700 donors in support of struggling Black Portland families who lack resources, opportunity and proper guidance.

Thanks to BRF, Black families in Portland now have support of themselves and their families during this time of extreme hardship.

Due to current events of racial oppression caused by law enforcement, many Black people have lost hope of stability. Whitten, having once been homeless, was determined to help other struggling Black Portland citizens, noticing how the lack of support for Black men and women during months of oppression has been very small.

What started as reaching out to a few struggling Black families on social media grew into something much greater, thus the Black Resilience Fund was formed and is reaching soaring heights of progressive change.

If you would like to help support the movement, please visit the Black Resilience Fund’s website where there are easily accessible links to donate and become a volunteer of the cause.

Each donation makes an impact and can be the change in the lives of many Black Portlanders who are in immediate need.

During a time of much distress, sadness and pain, positive organizations like these provide a strong backbone in allowing everyone a chance to help make a change in society. Portland citizens can start by working within the community to create more equality.

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