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US Supreme Court is at a Critical Juncture With Potential Retirement of Justice Stephen Breyer

Liberals warn of future dangers for the Democratic Senate if Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer, 82, refuses to step down from his position.

Breyer is currently the oldest member of the court, raising questions of potential issues that could leave detrimental effects on Democratic Senate control. President Joe Biden has stated that he would appoint the first Black woman to the high court if given the opportunity, an announcement that liberals highly favored, though this cannot be possible until Breyer (or another Justice) passes away or retires.

A troubling issue remains, that being the 50-50 split Senate. With the Senate currently tied at 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats, if something were to unexpectedly happen before an announced retirement, such as a death or retirement of a Democratic Senator, this could lead to the Republican side having the advantage. A Supreme Court tilting even more heavily toward the Republicans could lead to extreme changes, those being drastically unfavorable to Democrats. This urgency has led many liberals to push for Breyer’s immediate retirement, so that a pragmatic decision can be made to appoint a far younger replacement.

If Breyer were to announce his retirement as soon as possible, which is in Democrats’ best interests, allowing a far younger member to lead in his place, the Democrats would have the opportunity to erase the risk of losing their control of the Senate, and allow the Republicans to stymie further appointments, which is precisely what they did during the Obama Administration.  The opportunity to appoint a younger Justice is one that must not be wasted, and could give Biden an early opportunity to solidify his legacy.

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