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Why do i need an attorney?

Some people feel it is unnecessary to hire a Portland criminal defense lawyer because they believe they are innocent and procuring legal representation is not needed.  The fallacy with this way of thinking is that, in our adversarial legal system, the only way that people can be assured of having their rights protected is when they have capable legal representation.

When a person is accused of a crime, he will find himself up against the police, the prosecutor, and the judge, all of whom are savvy in the ways of the law.  None of these professionals can be depended upon to safeguard the rights of the accused.  Only a defendant who has a capable and experienced defense attorney Portland at his side can be assured of having a “level playing field” and being given a fair chance at being exonerated.

I have seen cases in which a capable and experienced defense attorney made the difference between success or failure.  Considering the long-term consequences that a criminal accusation can have, any person who is accused of a crime should make sure that he has representation by a skilled attorney who has a proven record of success.  If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, be sure to get the best attorney you can find, before it is too late.

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