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Woman Cries “WOLF”


Of the things deemed unforgivable by modern society, rape is ranked among the most terrible crimes. A person accused of rape is essentially marked for life; getting a job, going to school, even moving into a new neighborhood becomes much more difficult. One would think that as serious an issue as sexual assault is, people would be less likely to lie about it.

Recently Portland was put on alert due to a 22-year-old woman claiming to be a defendant of sexual assault in Grant Park,  on January 28, 2014. Originally she told police that she was assaulted by a stranger and provided police with information with which to make a sketch. The police released the sketch to the public and an award was offered for his capture. For over two weeks the community was in a panic.

The police and the community spent countless hours, resources and concerns searching for the attacker. Those hours of hard work and sleepless nights were all for naught. In a later interview with police, the defendant admitted to having lied about the alleged assault and the identification of the attacker. It turns out that the suspect was known to the girl but had not assaulted her. The statement to the public, the reward, and the false sketch were withdrawn.

False claims of sexual assault have become commonplace in the US. Being convicted of a sexual assault can add up to 25 years in prison as well as any number of incredibly difficult legal issues. An experienced criminal defense attorney is the best way to avoid such terrible possibilities. Imagine, a young man in medical school with dreams of curing cancer breaks up with his girlfriend. The heartbroken girlfriend decides to get back at him by accusing the young man of raping her. Just the accusation of rape would be enough to tarnish his record. If the young man were convicted of a sexual assault, he could spend 25 years in prison and be expelled from medical school. An experienced, privately retained, an attorney is the best way to protect the young man’s name and future. Regardless of the situation, it is very important that anyone accused of rape or any kind of sexual assault contact an experienced, and aggressive attorney as soon as possible.

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