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Another Innocent Prisoner Released After Nearly a Quarter Century of Incarceration

Grant Williams, a man who spent 23 long years in prison as an innocent man, was finally released a couple weeks ago.

Due to credible witness testimonies and new evidence, Mr. Williams’ innocence was proven through statements that exposed multiple flaws in how law enforcement handled his case.

In April of 1996, Shdell Williams’ had been fatally shot and killed outside his home in Staten Island by an individual with a Wu-Tang Clan hat. Mr Williams, then 25 years old, happened to be at the Wu-Tang Clan recording studio that same day, and was identified as the killer within just a few hours  Mr Williams was convicted a year later, and sentenced to serve life in prison for a crime he had no participation in. The hat found abandoned at the scene had never been DNA tested.

According to Michael McMahon, Richmond County District Attorney, identification procedures carried out by law enforcement at the time of Mr Williams’ arrest did not satisfy modern standards for warranting fair and impartial justice. Additionally, newfound witness testimonies of persons who did not previously come forward granted Mr Williams his due freedom.

Mr Williams, a father of three, recognized the time he missed with his children while being unlawfully incarcerated, and wishes to educate others. Mr Williams also managed to earn his associate’s degree in prison through diligent hard work.

Mr Williams’ justice was notably delayed, and despite the years he missed while incarcerated, Williams plans to aid those who find themselves stuck in similar situations as a result of errors made by law enforcement.

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