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DUII Diversion Entry Opposed By Prosecutor


Prosecuting attorneys throughout the State of Oregon have become more aggressive in opposing DUII Defendants being allowed to enter the Diversion Program.

We have seen cases in which prosecutors have opposed a Defendant’s application to enter Diversion for varying reasons. In some cases, a prosecutor will oppose a Defendant being allowed to enter Diversion because the underlying case involved an accident where an injury is alleged to have occurred. In other cases, a prosecutor will oppose a Defendant’s application to enter Diversion because a child was in the Defendant’s vehicle at the time of the underlying offense. Other situations in which prosecutors sometimes oppose a Defendant entering Diversion include situations where the Defendant has had a prior DUII, where the Defendant has been in alcohol or substance abuse treatment in the past, or where the Defendant registered a high reading on a breath or blood test.

In all the above situations, we have had success in enabling clients to enter the DUII Diversion Program despite opposition on the part of the prosecuting attorney. There is no need to expect the worst just because the prosecutor opposes the Defendant’s application to enter Diversion. Our Portland criminal lawyers have had success in persuading judges to allow clients to enter Diversion even where circumstances appear somewhat daunting. Any person facing a DUII charge should put his or her case in the hands of a capable and experienced Portland DUI attorney who can do the utmost to advance the client’s interests, no matter what the situation.

Please contact our law office if you are facing a charge of DUII. We have accomplished remarkable success on behalf of clients we have been privileged to serve.

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