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I’m Guilty, What Can A Defense Attorney Do?


An excellent criminal defense attorney can possibly:

  • help lessen your punishment
  • help you stay out of jail or fight for less jail
  • get your case dismissed
  • keep your record clean by fighting for a deferred sentence (call us for details)
  • keep your record clean by fighting for an expungeable conviction (call us for details)

Guilt is often a factor in criminal cases, but skillful defense can help to lessen the damage. Typically, when a defendant pleads guilty without an attorney, the result is far worse than with quality legal representation by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Sometimes, a person can be guilty, but a criminal defense attorney can find certain legal flaws with the investigation you might not think of. This has resulted in cases being dismissed altogether. We have had clients who were factually guilty, but could not be proven guilty by legally sound and admissible evidence. If those clients lacked capable legal representation, they would have been punished.

We frequently receive calls from people who regret they did not hire high-quality legal counsel. If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, get the best attorney you can afford before it’s too late.

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