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Law Enforcement Using Proud Boys as Informants

The U.S. government recruited Proud Boys leader and organizer, 37 year-old Joseph Biggs, in an effort to gather key information regarding antifa protestors and networks. This was carried out just months before Biggs was charged with invading the U.S. Capitol alongside many other far-right extremist activists.

Biggs allegedly agreed to supply prime information to FBI agents about extremist groups. Through frequent phone calls and meetings, data included the whereabouts, intent, and actions of the extremist activists. In return, Bigg’s requested Oregon federal law enforcement for advice on future planned rallies, including insight as to where and when the demonstrations should most beneficially be carried out within Portland.

Among other prime information gathered, government investigators sought details on whether activists were violating federal laws purposefully to cause violence, as well as being able to identify suspects arrested during the violent protests.

A large amount of information still remains withheld from the general public, though instances of the U.S. government opening internal investigations and collaborating with groups involved in extremist activities is not unprecedented.

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