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My Child Is Accused of a Crime part 1


As a parent, it’s your worst nightmare to see your child’s future threatened in any way. When your child is accused of a crime, it’s a tough pill to swallow under any circumstances!

-Your family may be shocked at the accusations.

-Your family may be disgusted with law enforcement.

-Your family may feel betrayed or exploited by the alleged defendant and others involved.

The most common feedback we get from parents of accused teenagers are feelings of shock, frustration, and helplessness. We understand and it’s very normal. As parents, we are used to feeling like our child’s protector and maybe even hero. We want to defend them, keep them out of harm’s way. Caring parents put themselves on the line for their children’s benefit. When it comes to criminal prosecution, our powers as parents are limited in ways we aren’t used to.  It can seem like a David & Goliath situation where the government throws its power against your child and only views your child as a danger.

You may feel your family only has sticks and stones to fight with and it’s a desperate place to be. Your voice is drowned out in the investigations. Often, you cannot or should not speak in court. For a parent, this is hell, but there are steps you can take! See “My Child Is Accused of a Crime part 2.”


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