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My Child Is Accused of a Crime part 2


“How can I help my child and help his/her lawyer get the best result?”

(1)    Make sure your child isn’t speaking about “what happened” with anyone but his/her lawyer. Your child’s school principal, school guidance counselor or even private therapist is not a legal advocate bound by ethics of the Oregon State Bar and client confidentiality. They are actually mandatory reporters.

(2)    Protect your child from making any statements by ending contact with people (s)he shouldn’t trust including social media contacts. Freeze social media accounts.

(3)    Protect your child by not making any statements yourself about your teen’s case with anyone but his/her lawyer.

(4)    Protect their physical and mental health by getting your teen as much support as possible from trusted friends, family, teachers, coaches and doctors or counselors. Criminal prosecution is a life-changing event in an adolescent’s life. Don’t mistake how vulnerable your son or daughter may be emotionally and physically. Be proactive.

(5)    Separately, get yourself support from trusted friends, family or counselors. It’s not enough to take care of your child’s physical and mental health. If you are weak or a wreck, your son or daughter is at risk.

(6)    Gather and keep records of everything that happens with your teen. School history and transcripts, work history, volunteer efforts, awards and character references can make a difference in the defense.


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