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Oregon Legislators Are Taking Action to Expose Police Officers Who Engage in Misconduct

Oregon lawmakers are taking big steps towards a bill that will open police records to the public. Oregon currently continues to be one of the nine states that withholds police discipline records from the public, preventing citizens from accessing information about officers who do wrong.

Oregon law enforcement has been criticized for how officers mistreated peaceful George Floyd protesters during 2020, thus damaging the trust that citizens would otherwise have in the police. Harsh treatment of peaceful protesters damaged relations between the police and the public they are sworn to protect and serve.

Moreover, even before the recent civil rights protests, there have been shocking instances of police brutality, racism and dishonest police tactics targeting minorities. Recently, for instance, we have learned of racially motivated and corrupt policing in West Linn’s police department. For decades, people have been victimized due to the actions of dishonest law enforcement officers.

This much needed legislation bill will allow for Oregon law enforcement to be more transparent with their citizens, and can also help put a stop to corruption within the force. Just as law enforcement are able to access every citizen’s records, citizens will be able to do the same to ensure that justice is served. Rooting out corruption and abuse within law enforcement agencies will bring about greater justice and trust between the police and the communities they are sworn to serve.

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