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Our Law Firm Does Not Play Phone-Tag

Our law firm does not play phone-tag; we make it a priority to answer calls ourselves.

People who call our law office are frequently stunned when a real person answers the phone.

More often than not, these days, when people call a business, calls are handled by electronic greeting systems, or outside answering services.

Calls to our law firm are almost always answered by one of the attorneys, or a staff member who has deep knowledge of our practice and is available to provide concrete assistance.

This applies outside of office hours as well. Frequently, callers are startled when one of the attorneys answers calls during the evening hours, or on a holiday or weekend.

We choose to make ourselves available outside normal business hours, because we well know that people require our services at all hours of the day, and even on holidays and weekends.

The only time calls go to voice mail is when we are physically unable to answer. And on those cases, we will call back as soon as we are able.

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