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Sex-Offender Registration Relief

Client BQ came to our office seeking to be relieved of having to report as a Sex Offender based on a conviction in another State from over 2 decades ago. Documentation established that BQ completed sex offender treatment, was fully rehabilitated, and is no longer a threat to anyone. We filed a motion with the court seeking to relieve BQ from having to register as a Sex Offender. The District Attorney opposed our motion on behalf of BQ, but we persuaded the court to grant our motion. BQ no longer is required to register as a Sex Offender.

BQ wrote the following about our work on his behalf:
“Mr. Cogan represented me in an application/petition for relief from sex offender registration responsibilities here in Oregon. I had served my time in another state many years ago, but recently moved to Oregon. I was required to register in the other state as well as Oregon, which I did conscientiously. Mr. Cogan advised me after a thorough review of my court and rehabilitation documents, that I met the criteria in Oregon to apply for relief from the registration requirement. He did superb legal research and preparation before the hearing. Thanks to Mark, everyone agreed with my rehabilitative efforts, and that I wasn’t a danger to society. At the hearing he was persistent in his legal arguments, and I was able to receive a positive outcome.”

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