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Best defense attorney in Oregon

10 years ago I had a business deal go horribly wrong which I tried to resolve on my own. It ended with criminally charges against me when the cops arrested me without fully investigating the facts and the DA initially went along and piled on a series of serious charges. I realized I needed representation and sought out the “best defense attorney in Oregon” Mr Cogan was recommended to me and he a great job on my case. Unfortunately, the state did not drop all their charges against me, but because of his personal relationships with the DA, and defense experience, he got me the best deal possible, which ended up in only misdemeanor convictions. In a Hollywood movie my case would have been dismissed to the cheers of a packed courtroom, but in real life the DA and the cops are never going to admit they did anything wrong, and as hard as it was to hear, Mark gave me the best advice and representation possible. He got my charges reduced, and also helped me prepare myself so that when I did plead guilty to the reduced charges, the judge gave me the minimal sentence. Although it was unfortunate to have a conviction on my record I stayed in contact with Mark and 10 years later (required in Oregon) Mark most recently helped get the conviction expunged. Again, his personal relationships with the court and state officials was a factor in making this happen in my favor. Mark has always been fantastic about answering my calls, emails and several times I have called him after hours or on the weekend expecting to leave a message and had him personally answer my call and give me the time needed to address my concern. His number is programmed in my speed dial and committed to my memory because even though I never expect to have any criminal issues again, this experience taught me that the system is far from fair and your best chance in getting a fair result is to have a good attorney. As I said, Mark Cogan is the best defense attorney in Oregon and I strongly recommend him should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing his service. One last note, while this review has mostly focused on his professional abilities, Mark is also a very nice and caring person, I have really appreciated getting to know him and count him as one of the most influential people I know. He has excellent character and his prices are also very fair considering the quality of his representation.

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