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Expungement filed For and Granted

While applying for a non resident insurance license in Florida, which required a back ground check, I was shocked to discover that I had a criminal conviction on my record from 40 years ago in Washington County, Oregon. When I entered a plea of guilty to the criminal charges in the Washington County, Oregon court in 1974, it was under the plea agreement with the court that I would receive probation and upon successful completion of that probation my case would be dismissed as a deferred judgment and my record would be sealed and would not be something that went forward and would not be retained on my record. The court did not follow through on their promise.
It was crucial to my livelihood that I would be able to obtain the license I was applying for. It was the overwhelming consensus of my friends in the legal community in Denver Colorado where I now reside that I contact Mark Cogan in Portland Oregon. I was told that he was the best lawyer I could be fortunate enough to retain. They were right.
I contacted Mark and when I spoke to him in our first conversation I found him to be professional, competent, experienced and genuinely compassionate regarding my dire circumstances. I retained Mark. He told me he would do everything he could to expedite the granting of an expungement for my criminal conviction for drug promotion. Mark did exactly as he had told me he would and got my expungement granted by the Washington County Circuit Court of Oregon. He did so in what most would consider record-breaking time. That was just what I needed
I consider Mark’s fees to be reasonable and appropriate. He didn’t add things to my fee as he went along, even though I know he and his staff were expending extra effort for me.
This review would not be complete unless I made special mention of Mark’s paralegal Janique. She has cultivated and maintained an obviously excellent reputation and ability to communicate on the clerk side of these legal issues. She was able to move my paperwork through the clerical side of this process in an amazingly expeditious manner due to her relationships with the clerks in the various agencies that were involved.
I would confidently without question recommend The Mark C Cogan law firm to anyone with any criminal issue of any kind.

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