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My case was important to him

When I asked Mr Cogan to assist me with my legal charges, I knew I had selected an excellent attorney. Even though I had admittedly broken the law, I wanted a top-flight attorney in my corner, to get me the best possible outcome.

I was aware of Mr Cogan’s impressive qualifications: He is one of a select group of criminal defense attorneys who have earned the label “Super Lawyer”; he graduated from one of the top-5 law schools in the country; he litigated an important Constitutional rights case all the way to the US Supreme Court in his first 3 years of law practice; he has a proven track record of success in handling the most serious criminal matters.

And yet, I was not certain how Mr Cogan would handle my cases, because my legal matters were not the kind of headline-grabbing cases that a high powered attorney such as Mr Cogan would seek to handle.

My fears proved unfounded. Indeed, Mr Cogan approached representation of me as if my cases were the most important matters he had in his docket. Mr Cogan demonstrated that, because my cases were important to me, they were important to him as well.

Mr Cogan assured me that he would give my matters the attention they deserved, and I am pleased to say that his representation of me was all that I could have wished for. Thanks to Mr Cogan’s vigorous and devoted advocacy, over a period of nearly 20 months, all charges were ultimately dismissed.

Mr Cogan has earned my most enthusiastic endorsement. He is an extremely devoted and talented attorney, who will do everything possible to accomplish a successful result. I am glad I placed my matters in his capable hands.

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