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Saved my car insurance rate from skyrocketing!

Last winter an officer threw the book at me, giving me three moving violations when one would have done, as if it were personal. Mark advised me to plead not guilty and postpone the trial more than once, as a “tactical move”. Before court appearance Mark clearly laid out all my options, carefully pointing out the risks and benefits of my possible choices. Today we met pre-trial with the officer who appeared to have calmed down considerably from that night, and we negotiated it down to traffic school for a $50 fee and dismissal on all counts. The judge approved the officer’s recommendation. Mark’s calm professional assurance and expert know-how, as well as his court presence as an experienced litigator, helped make the difference. I’m grateful he took the case, knowing he is used to working on far more serious criminal matters, but he gave it his all nonetheless. Thanks Mark!

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