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The COVID-19 Emergency is Having a Profound Impact on the Criminal Justice System

Certain crimes are not being prosecuted like before. Out-of-custody trials are being postponed. Defendants are being released from jail. We anticipate the effects of this emergency will be long-lasting.

Mark Cogan, P.C. is Fully Operational During the COVID-19 Health Crisis

Like most businesses, our Oregon law firm was banned from working at our offices as a result of the Governor’s emergency order.

Since March 24, only our office manager has been allowed to work at our office. Nevertheless, our three attorneys are remotely working full-time to help ensure the safety of our staff and clients.

We continue to appear in court for our clients, we have full access to our office technology, and we engage in video consultations among ourselves and with our clients.

We continue to accept new clients, and we are equipped to fully serve all clients who come into our care.

Our Trial Courts Are Postponing Out-Of-Custody Cases

To keep people safe, the courts are postponing out-of-custody trials and pretrial court appearances.

In the face of the COVID-19 emergency, our courts do not desire to have jurors, defendants, witnesses, attorneys, and others in the courthouses if it can be avoided. We are in good contact with the courts, the prosecutors, and our clients, to make sure that our cases can be postponed without damage to those whom we represent.

Where Possible, The Courts Are Willing to Release Defendants Who Do Not Pose a Risk of Flight

During this emergency, we have observed that our courts are willing to release some defendants who might otherwise remain in custody.

If we can show that the client has a place to stay, that the client is not a flight risk, and that the client does not pose a danger to the community, we have found the courts are willing to grant release from custody.

In these times, there is heightened concern about the dangers associated with incarcerating people whose health may be compromised by the COVID-19 emergency. We can leverage this concern to get freedom for our clients.

After The COVID-19 Emergency is Over, the Impact on Our Legal System Will Persist

Once the emergency is over, there will be an enormous backlog of cases heading to trial. In similar situations in the past, we have found that this can cause the courts and prosecutors to be more willing to offer favorable deals to our clients. We will utilize all circumstances to accomplish favorable outcomes for our clients.

If you have been charged with a crime in Oregon, contact our experienced Portland criminal defense attorneys online or call 503-827-8092 today to schedule a free and confidential initial consultation without leaving your home. Our attorneys are here to help during this difficult time.


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