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The COVID-19 emergency is likely to cause a sharp increase in arrests for Domestic Violence

Because of the COVID-19 emergency, workplaces have been closed, people have been put out of work, families have been disrupted, and large segments of the population have been confined in their homes.  The emergency has put the entire nation on edge, and people are understandably very concerned about their safety and the well-being of their loved ones.  Counseling services for people who are in distress are very limited, and substance abuse treatment programs have interrupted their activities.

As a result of all the distress that the COVID-19 emergency has caused, it is likely that the police will receive increased calls complaining about allegations of Domestic Violence.

In our experience, many people who are accused of Domestic Violence are not fundamentally violent people.  Many people accused of Domestic Violence genuinely love their family members and intimate partners.  We have represented many clients on charges of Domestic Violence, and we have seen people be accused of Domestic Violence charges based on their family and loved ones being subjected to extraordinary stress.  Sadly, the COVID-19 emergency is likely to bring about a spike in allegations of Domestic Violence for a myriad of reasons, including the financial disruptions, health concerns, widespread anxiety, and confinement in one’s home, which have been caused by the current crisis.

When they receive a complaint of Domestic Violence, the police frequently are required to make an arrest, even if the alleged victim does not want that to happen.  When a person is arrested on a charge of Domestic Violence, the person is removed from the home and is not allowed to return, unless the court authorizes the person to return.  Very harsh rules apply to persons accused of Domestic Violence, forbidding the accused from having any form of contact with the alleged victim.  Our courts are postponing hearings and trials well past the usual timetable that would be expected in normal times.  As a consequence, families risk being torn apart with little or no recourse.

Our law firm helps clients with charges of Domestic Violence all the time.  We welcome calls from people who desire our service.  We are coping with the COVID-19 emergency by making ourselves available to assist clients.  Please write or call us if you desire our assistance.

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