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Why I decided to become a lawyer

When I was 12 years old I successfully sued Greyhound for losing the gear I was taking to summer camp.

Greyhound refused to pay me full compensation for my loss because I was a minor and had only paid half fare. Greyhound further discounted my claim because they did not deem my camp belongings to be equal to luggage. Thus, the bus company was only willing to pay me 25% of the normal $50 compensation, or $12.50.

Family members advised me to accept the settlement that Greyhound offered. After all, how could a 12 year old kid fight the bus company and win?  I met with a lawyer, who encouraged me to sue Greyhound, and that is exactly what I did.

On the day of my small claims court trial, I explained the justice of my case, and argued that Greyhound had breached its contract because nowhere in the written terms were there provisions discounting my claim on account of being a minor nor for the type of luggage that was lost.

The judge agreed with me, and granted Judgment for the Plaintiff, plus costs. It was then that I decided I wanted to be a lawyer so I could stand up for the powerless. Never regretted my decision for even a moment. My chosen career has been the source of great satisfaction, and many triumphs.

The fun fact about my victory over Greyhound was that the bus company sent a lawyer all the way from Phoenix to oppose my $50 lawsuit. They spent way more on defending my lawsuit than in paying my claim.  The victory was very sweet indeed.

I am grateful for the lawyer who counseled me to sue Greyhound. When the COVID-19 emergency is over, our law firm will move into the suite formerly occupied by that attorney.

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